Opening the Bible together across generations.

All ages of children meet with their parents during the year to learn about a key faith topic--prayer, worship, creed, Lord's prayer...See the calendar below for the dates of your child's faith milestones.

Sunday School Registration Link

Good Shepherd has a vibrant Sunday morning education time 9:15-10:15 am for children preschool (age 3 by Sept 1) through 6th grade. Sunday school kick off is September 15. Register here.

  • Register on-line
  • Pick up a registration in the church narthex.
  • Download pdf file and return to church
  • Complete a form emailed to parents with a valid email address on file.

Sunday School Activities

Milestone Ministry

Throughout the school year, GS provides an opportunity for students and their adults to celebrate important steps in their faith journey. Together you have the opportunity to attend an age-specific event, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to deepen your child’s faith (and yours) one step at a time, milestone by milestone. We call this together in faith & milestones ministry. Most TIF Events will be held on Sunday mornings.


Bedtime Bible

God and Money

God and Money

God and Money