If there is one word to describe how we should think about operating and living in the wilderness of today’s world it is this: grace.

One of the most challenging aspects that face us as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the economic downturn is that not everyone agrees on what is best. Whether it’s our leaders, family, friends or church members, we simply aren’t all going to be on the same page.

We have all been living in a time of crisis. We have all found ourselves in a time of prolonged trauma. None of this was of our choosing or our making, and I am sure that if anyone of us could wave a magic wand and make it all disappear, we would. But since that’s not going to happen, what we all need right now is grace.

This is a new frontier in all our lives. No one has traveled this exact path before us, and each one of us by virtue of being human will make mistakes along the way. This is where, as followers of Jesus, we have an opportunity during this time to model love and grace of God for others.

Our call as Christians is to love our neighbor. Each one of us is a unique blend of our strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, talents, thoughts, experiences and dreams. And each of us is a child of God made in the image of God to be valued as a member of the body of Christ and recognizing that without that person we the body of Christ are missing a part of our body that is essential.

Above all else as we make our way in this new frontier choose grace. Reveal the grace of God to others through words, actions and social media posts. Doing this means giving people the benefit of the doubt and acknowledging the fear, pain, worry, grief, sadness and loss of how things were that someone is experiencing.

When we have made it through the wilderness of this crisis let our legacy be one of grace. What will it matter if we end this time of social distancing only to discover that words, actions, and social media posts have left us even more socially distanced from one another not because of the virus but because we did not show grace for one another?

You are on the front lines of faith, of showing people God’s love and grace, providing hope for a world in a need of hope. Thank you and God bless you!

In Christ,
Pastor Krista