One of my favorite nights in ministry each year is the Confirmation Banquet where those who will be confirmed share their faith stories. Listening to these very thoughtful, sometimes moving, sometimes humorous stories, I was struck by what these young people had to say about church, worship, and those activities we do as a church:

“…running around on Sunday’s - from acolyting to lecturing to singing to even sometimes special music…
I love singing during Sunday services or even Wednesday services… Church has and will always be a big part of my life…”

“I feel my faith is most alive when I am in church… I love being a Christian and I love my church family.”
“I have the most faith in God when I am at church because I say prayers and read from the Bible. My favorite part of belonging to a church is worshiping God. I like to be at confirmation because I know that when I am there, I am respected and treated nicely by my classmates and everyone helping out with the confirmation class.”

“I feel like my faith grows the most during worship because I am learning about what God and Jesus did and wants us to do… I like being part of a church because I feel connected to a community when I worship. I think going to church regularly has really expanded my faith and knowledge of God.”

“I plan to stay involved with church projects and continue coming to church and helping others. In 15 years I hope to bring my kids to church.”

“I feel closest to God at worship, during confirmation and when I’m praying… All those things help me strengthen my faith with God.”

“Helping people by doing service with the church always helps me grow in faith. I feel connected to God when we work together to provide food, assistance, or support to those October 2021 who need it most. “

“My faith is most alive and I feel God’s presence most when I’m at church or doing service projects with the church like Sunday School and Super Hero Service. I would say my faith grows the most when I am serving others.”

“My faith is most alive when I’m at church and when I’m praying for a loved one… regular worship reminds me to be thankful for all of the blessings in my life.”

“I would like to thank the church for always being so nice and making church an enjoyable place to be and relax… I do see Good Shepherd as my church family and home.”

We often talk about the fact that God is everywhere and wherever we are, God is with us. This is definitely true, but there’s something about intentionally spending time with God and God’s family. Meaningful relationships rarely happen by simply being in the same space with another person. Meaningful relationships are shaped around intentionally spending time together, and the same is true for our faith and relationship with God
How and where do you intentionally spend time with God? How has it shaped you and your faith? I would love to hear your stories.

In Christ,
Pastor Krista