Again, I thank all of you for the part you have each played on this journey of mine to becoming a pastor.

It is with great joy I announce that I have been called as an Associate Pastor for Youth and Caring ministries at St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church in Cannon Falls, MN. It is a part-time call, which is what I wanted. It is a 3-year term call (which means exactly that, I will be there 3 years).

With a Call, I can officially take the next step in my ministry, to be called “Pastor.”
My ordination is planned for Monday October 29th at 7pm at United Redeemer Lutheran Church (560 West 3rd St.) in Zumbrota, MN.

I would be honored and blessed if you could come.

If you wish any further details please feel free to email me:

Thank you

Your humbled Vicar Nicole

What does it mean to be ordained?

In 1524, Martin Luther wrote:

To ordain does not mean to consecrate. Accordingly, if we know of a godly person and, on the strength of the Word which is ours, we give authority to that person to preach the Word and administer the Sacraments. That is what it means to ordain.

The ministry is not to be unduly exalted above other callings. All callings in which, in order of creation, contribute to the community are equally holy. 

On the other hand, the ministry is not to be degraded and made common. The Office of the
Word and Sacrament not only lends dignity and authority, but also makes exacting demands.
It is not a person’s gifts, learning efficiency or charm of personality that makes one a minister,
but the Gospel which that person is called upon and ordained to preach.

One must, therefore, stand before the people as one of them, a fellow-sinner and yet in the full dignity and authority of one’s office, which one strives to adorn with a holy life and conduct.